African governments must hasten slowly in discarding hydrocarbons – Amin Adam

• Africa largely depends on hydrocarbons for energy sources
• Government globally voted to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions not later than 2050
• Demand for hydrocarbons will rise in the coming years
A Deputy Energy Minister, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam, has called on African governments to hasten their pace to discarding hydrocarbons.
According to him, timing will be a key factor required in the adoption of cleaner sources of energy hence the current energy crisis in Europe should
offer clarity that no economy can solely rely on cleaner energy sources.
Speaking in an interview with Citi Business News, the Energy and Petroleum Economist said that current energy estimates across the globe indicate
high demand for hydrocarbons in the coming years.
“Demand for hydrocarbons will rise in the coming years, which will be time for Africa to cash in on investments made in the sector,” Amin Adam is
quoted by Citi Business.
He added that the notion Africa should be allowed to continue the production of hydrocarbons to support its energy sources is rather apt though he
believes solution for climate change can be attained.