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Energy Stocks Are A Big Buy Right Now

Oil prices climbed on Monday morning after OPEC+ resolved on Sunday to stay the course on oil production cuts ahead of the implementation of a $60 price cap on Russian-origin crude oil negotiated by the EU, the G7, and Australia. OPEC+ had earlier agreed to cut output by two million bpd, about two per cent of world demand, from November until the end of 2023.

Europe Can’t Count On U.S. Shale To Make Up For Russian Crude

OPEC+ yesterday decided to leave its production quotas where they are, at 2 million bpd lower than they were in October, which is an effective cut of 1 million bpd of production. Three days earlier, the European Union reached an agreement to set a price cap on Russian crude oil at $60 per barrel—lower than market prices but not as low as some EU members, such as Poland and Estonia, would have liked the cap to be.