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Elementor #10025

African governments must increase investment in renewal energy to address the power challenges facing the continent, Kunmi Odunoku, Product Manager, West Africa, Eaton International Industries, Nigeria Limited, has said

Kosmos Energy commissions 3 hunger relief projects

Kosmos Energy has commissioned three hunger relief projects to enhance food security and to improve income generation for two institutions.   The beneficiary institutions are the James Camp Prison and Senior Correctional Centre in Accra and the Light Outreach Foundation. The immediate objective is to give the inmates and prison officers entrepreneurial skills that could […]

Upstream Producers Are Not Gouging–They’re Tentative. Here Are Three Reasons Why

The drumbeats have been building for a couple of months now. Finally, as commodity prices have risen and third quarter profit reports have rolled in, so have accusations of price gouging by oil and gas companies. Senator Warren recently said as much on MSNBC. She is wrong on this point, but certainly not alone by any means. Politicians have […]