Consider more Ghanaians in petroleum sector – Energy Minister to GNPC board

Energy Minister, Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh, has asked the board of the Ghana Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) to prioritize Ghanaian participation
in the petroleum sector of the local economy.
Dr. Opoku Prempeh lamented the low number of Ghanaians who are playing key roles in the sector and further charged the GNPC board to improve
on this narrative.
He said this when he met the board of the GNPC on Tuesday, August 31.
“Personally what I will like to say here is that, with all the functions and roles in Ghana’s Petrochemical industry, one particular role is local content.
“As board members, every decision you take that has the impact on the ability of more Ghanaians to participate in our God-given wealth, you must
look at it critically and see that most Ghanaians are benefiting. I have come to see recently that only a few Ghanaians are benefiting from what God
has given us all us.
“I was in the Western region and I heard clearly what the chiefs and I have come across incidence that show that we have to look at the issue of local
contents,” he said.
For his part, the board chair of the GNPC, Freddie Blay said “You did charge us to look at the onshore exploration and indeed we have done a little
seismic exploration.
“All that I will say looking around to see what we have min the Voltain basin but you entreated us to go on the more.
“I think we are going to take it seriously if in the past we have not done that.
“You have brought a new dimension to it. Not only do we go by the law that created us but go by your policy of the government to ensure that it will
benefit all.
“The hardworking CEO is also leading this corporation to face the challenges of the development of renewable energy shift, greening of the globe as
against fossil fuel as a resource in this country, how to combine it and exploit it and benefit from this natural resource that God has given us. I think
we have a very serious responsibility.”