Creating A Common Platform

The Ghana Upstream Petroleum Chamber originally started out as the Ghana Exploration and Production Forum in 2010. It was then an informal gathering of representatives from a small group of oil and gas companies operating in Ghana.

Overtime it has become essential to set up the Chamber to foster the growth of a vibrant and increasingly active industry, with a growing number of producing field operators and service companies. The objective of the Chamber is to create a common platform for its members and liaise with all stakeholders to adopt international best practices that are fit for our purpose in order to grow the industry in Ghana.

The Chambers membership comprises all licensed exploration and production companies as well as service companies. It is a truly diverse group of companies. To the extent of its diversity the Chamber is set up to pursue the interests of all members whether they be small indigenous companies or large international oil companies. As a diverse group, we will look out for the specific interests of all and sundry. Diversity should not mean some being left out.

We look forward to the growth of a chamber that plays its part in a fair and balanced manner, to serve the needs of the industry for our common good.

David Ampofo,