Oil companies urged to help address negative impact of seaweeds on oil-enclave dwellers

Board Chairman of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC), Freddy Blay, has called on oil Companies and other stakeholders to take immediate steps to alleviate the sufferings of fishermen whose livelihood have been impacted negatively by the invasion of seaweed.

According to Mr. Blay, the rising frequency with which seaweed wash ashore along the coast of Ghana’s oil and gas enclave troubling and becoming a nuisance to fishermen and coastal dwellers.

The Board Chairman of GNPC made the call in an interview with Citi Business News at Ekwe in the Ellembelle District during his tour of impacted coastal communities of Axim and Asanta in Nzema East and Ellembelle.

“This used not to be a very serious threat, now what’s going on is alarming. It’s hampering fishing in this area. It’s impacting very negatively on the living conditions of people living in these communities.”

“We are alarmed at it and whatever can be done to alleviate the suffering of the people as a result of the seaweed that has invaded the areas. I will say that it’s not only the GNPC that can help, all other companies within the oil industry should support,” he added.