An Overview of Ghana’s Gas Sector: a Position Paper on Supply, Demand & the Way Forward

April 2021

This paper is intended to layout the important positioning of gas production, delivery and use in terms of an overarching energy policy that matches the needs of Ghana whilst ensuring that the development of hydrocarbon production is encouraged to ultimately deliver the maximum economic benefit to the state. Presently, Ghana is producing gas from three fields – Jubilee, TEN, and OCTP Sankofa with the scope for greater domestic production in the coming years.

Situational Analysis: The Regulator and the International Oil Companies Identifying and Addressing Areas of Concern

July 2020

This report provides an analysis of the relationship between the Petroleum Commission (PC), the Regulator of Ghana’s upstream petroleum industry and the international oil companies (IOCs) and service providers who operate within it. The report represents findings from interviews conducted with a cross-section of the Ghana Upstream Petroleum Chambers’ key stakeholders: Analysis were from qualitative information based on in-depth questions, queries and detailed discussions.

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