Energy Security Is The Only Pathway To Climate Progress

As COP27 was progressing in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, Vijay Vaitheeswaran, the global energy and climate innovation editor of The Economist, made a compelling observation. He said, “We will see a much stronger focus on how the energy industry itself can play a role as a decarboniser. It’s about, in my view, a grown-up way of understanding that the oil and gas is here to stay. A number of countries, especially emerging markets, are going to rely on it.” 

Ghana must use changes in weather pattern to generate more clean energy – climate change activist

A climate change activist and lecturer at the African University College of Communications, Peter Wonders, has advised government to take bold and innovative steps to combat Climate Change. Speaking on Joy Business Social, an online business engagement platform which discusses pertinent business issues, Peter Wonders urged government to expand investment in clean energy such as Geothermal Energy, […]