Africa and the global LNG crunch: Balancing energy security, development, and decarbonization

The December 2022 US-Africa Leaders Summit hosted by President Biden in Washington highlighted the emerging role of Africa in global affairs, including in the competition with China and Russia. In his address to the Summit, President Biden endorsed the proposal for the African Union to join the G20 and pledged $55 billion in financing and investment over three years.

NNPC Ltd, Addax Ltd terminate 24-year production sharing contract relationship, assets transferred to NNPC

Three months after the execution of the Addax Transfer, Settlement, and Exit Agreement (ATSEA) for the PSC Oil blocks, OMLs 123/124 & 126/137, operated by Addax Petroleum Development (Nigeria) Limited, all closing obligations have been concluded and the Assets have finally been transferred to the Concessionaire, NNPC Limited.

Energy Earnings Likely to Fall in 2023. Does It Matter?

With 4Q22 results continuing to roll in for energy companies over the coming weeks, earnings are certainly top of mind for investors. Many energy companies will have closed the books on their most profitable year ever, and attention has already turned to 2023. Today’s note discusses the outlook for energy earnings in 2023, why a likely year-over-year decline should not be worrisome, and why energy infrastructure may prove the exception to the broader trend of lower energy earnings.