The time for Africa to embrace renewable energy power supply is now – CEO of DLO Energy

The founder and CEO of DLO Energy Resources Group, Linda Mabhena-Olagunju has expressed the urgency for Africa to embrace renewable energy power supply now. Renewable Energy, according to Linda offers Africa an opportunity to capture on its power deficit.

“Solar energy is a clean source for producing power,” says Linda. “It is incredibly environmental friendly and more importantly, a cheaper source of producing electricity.”

Linda indicated that by putting more megawatts on the national Grid it adds to the generation capacity of a country adding that there needs to be an upgrade of each national grid. Renewable energy offers more power generation, which means access to reliable power supply at cheaper rates will in turn increase economic activity.

Linda with Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo (1st from the Left) and French President Emmanuel Macron

DLO Energy Resources Group is a 100 percent black female owned renewable energy producer with one of Africa’s largest wind farms currently providing power to over two hundred thousand homes in South Africa. Formed in 2011, DLO develops, owns, builds and operates renewable energy power plants by generating electricity from clean natural resources such as the sun or wind. It comprises of an energy investment arm with a wide-ranging portfolio in the renewable energy sector including wind and solar Photo Voltaics (PV) technology.

As CEO and founder of the company, Linda believes that unless the power deficit in Africa is resolved, Africans will always be at a disadvantage. “Whilst South Africa has done well in obtaining political freedom the country still lacks behind in economic freedom and the black majority still remains excluded from participation in key sectors of the economy.”

Linda with Ghana’s former Minister of Energy, John Peter Amewu (2nd from right)

Linda is optimistic about business opportunities for Africa in renewable power supply because, as it stands, many financial institutions are venturing into funding the establishment of renewable power supply due to its sustainability and contributions to economic growth. “The world is changing, and clean energy would eventually become a must have. Renewable energy is an opportunity for Africa to not just be a consumer of the product but to be a creator of the product.”

Linda reveals that due to the diversity in each region’s climate in Africa, solar panels are designed according to the region’s climate, so it becomes friendly to suit its environment when in use.

On its affordability for an average African, she said: “because most government have not given its citizens subsidies when it comes to renewable power supply it is relatively expensive for an average African, however it becomes more cheaper if the citizens get incentives from the government through its national utility to own a solar home system by making sure the prices are affordable.

Also, renewable energy companies functioning at domestic levels need to have a payment plan to make it more affordable,” she added.

An on-site picture of Linda

Linda indicated that though there are tone of opportunities in the sector, alot of people are not well informed about these opportunities and what renewable energy is. She therefor urges Africans to explore the advantage of the business opportunities and embrace renewable energy supply because it’s the solution to sustainable power supply in the continent.